For 5+ kids and parents


If you’re thinking about a martial arts education for your child, you’re probably looking for a safe, efficient, and healthy way to increase their confidence and discipline.

Teach them the importance of respect, get them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, help them achieve better results in school. Make sure they know how to face, but mChildren practicing Kung Fu 2ostly prevent confrontation with other children, if the situation arises.


Our martial arts school Toronto does all that and more.


But most importantly, we provide a fun, safe environment for your child to develop into a healty, productive and valuable member of the community.


Come for a visit and find out how we can help your child strive for the goals you have set for him and have fun doing it!

Click here for time and location.


Classes are given once per week. The number of students is limited to 15 per group. Contact us to reserve your spot!

New! Parents can now join their children and learn Kung Fu along their side while enjoying a fun activity with them. Contact us for more detail.




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