Corporate Program

Wu Xing Wing Chun Kung Fu is dedicated to the health and well being of children, women and men of all ages. In this perspective, we are offering our services to companies and various organizations. The idea is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through martial arts fitness classes for busy people. At Wu Xing Wing Chun, we understand that it’s not always easy to find a moment to exercise with a busy professional life, so we developed a program to make it a little bit easier. Our solution is to send a professional martial art instructor to your company and give a short but intense workout class to your employees. Our martial art fitness program will get them moving and at the same time teach them some basic skills in Kung Fu while having fun. The program will be tailored to the employees convenience and fitness level.

Why our program is good for your employees?

Research has proved that exercising regularly has many benefits on the performance of workers.  These include:

– Reduced stress at work place

– Increased concentration

– Increased productivity

– Increase in mental drive

– Healthier and fitter employees

– Increased energy and vitality

– Better posture



– To start a group you must be at least four people.

– A well ventilated room of adequate size available for 60 minutes.


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