Condo Program

Wu Xing Wing Chun is now bringing its Kung Fu fitness program to your home. Imagine having a professional Kung Fu instructor coming to your doorstep to give Kung Fu lessons. When we constructed this program, in addition to our customers’ well being, we had convenience and practicality in mind. The idea is to work with your condo management to provide a regular martial arts fitness program that will get you in shape but at the same time give you some new self-defense skills.

There are several benefits of having our program at your condo building:


For you:

– Save the time and the inconvenience of having to go to the gym in bad weather and traffic.

– When the class is done, you can go back to the comfort of your home to shower instead of showering in a public place with strangers.

– Our program is tailored in a way to adapt to your fitness level even though you work in a small group.

– Lower cost since it’s integrated in the condominium maintenance fee.

– Motivating and fun training experience than when training alone.


For your building:

– Adds value to the building to have an onsite martial art fitness program.

– Social contact between neighbors in a fun and friendly environment.

– Easy implementation to the building as no materiel is required.

– Promote a healthy lifestyle in the building.


Here are the conditions to implement our program in your condo building:

– Minimum of 4 participants to a maximum of 20 participants per class.

– A well ventilated room of adequate size available for 60 minutes.


Please contact us for more information. 



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