Kung Fu Toronto



The Wu Xing Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Toronto is managed by Vasan Selliah. Opened in early 2013, it is conveniently situated in Downtown Toronto. Both adult and children can sign up for classes given at Swansea Town Hall (5 minites walk from Runnymede station).

Vasan has been studying Shaolin Wing Chun since 1998. Under the supervision of Grand Master Nam Anh, he achieved the rank of Red Belt 3rd degree in 2012 and received permission to open a school in Toronto to promote Wing Chun and the martial arts way.

Wu Xing Wing Chun school mission statement: promote a healthy mind in a healthy body through the practice of martial arts.

We offer classes for men, women and children at Swansea Town Hall or at the convenience of your chosen venue. Please see our “Services” section for more information.





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