Wu Xing Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts school in Downtown Toronto


Please note that exceptionally there won’t be any Kung Fu classes this week and the last week of October at Swansea Town Hall. The classes on the following days are cancelled:

– October 4, 6 and 10

Classes are also cancelled during the last week of October.

– October 24, 25, 27 and 31

At the Wu Xing Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts school in Downtown Toronto, we will help you discover better health and fitness, learn efficient self-defense skills and achieve higher levels ofself-mastery.

Our mission to help the people in Toronto, kids, teens and adults, men and women of all ages, reach their full potential thanks to this ancient, precious, rare, scientific method that is Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Whatever your experience in martial arts, no matter your age or physical shape, our school’s instructors will adapt to your level. We offer kung fu classes for children, parents, teens and adults of any age.

Our carefully structured and safe wing chun kung fu martial arts program will help you develop:

– Vibrant health

– Increased strength and solidity

– Flexibility and agility

– Endurance

– Efficient and intelligent self-defense

– Increased confidence and self-control

– Concentration

– Stress management

– Discipline and perseverance

As well as give you tools to become a better person in all aspects.

To find out more about our Wing Whun kung fu martial arts school in Toronto, fill in the form to let us contact you, and take advantage of your free introductory session!

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Wu Xing Wing Chun Kung Fu

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